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Universal Setup Station w/ Bag for Most 1/8 & 1/10 Off-Road, SC & Monster Trucks C23291

Universal Setup Station w/ Bag for Most 1/8 & 1/10 Off-Road, SC & Monster Trucks

If you have ever been to a race track you will know that proper chassis setup is critical, and can be the difference between a DNF and a checkered flag. For 1/8-scale buggy, truggy, and monster truck owners we offer our 30-piece Universal Setup Station System. Crafted from aluminum and anodized in a gunmetal finish, the setup station can measure each corner of your vehicle individually - up to 15-degrees of camber, 30-degrees of caster, and +35/-40-degrees of toe. The measuring plates all ride on ball bearings for smooth movement and precise readings. The included carrying bag features a rubber grip handle and a two-sided zipper for storing the station when you are on the move.

Out of the box, the Universal Setup Station System will work with most 1/8-scale buggy or truggy with standard 1/8-scale axles and wheel nuts, such as: Associated RC8/RC8T, SC8; Hobao Hyper Series; HPI/Hot Bodies D8/D8T, Hellfire; Kyosho Inferno Series; Losi 8IGHT/8IGHT-T series; Mugen MBX/MBXT series, OFNA LX One; Tamiya 801x/801xt series, XRAY XB8, 808 series, etc.

The Universal Setup Station also comes with two sets of adaptors; the Type-A adaptors are for vehicles with 6mm x M5-threaded axles such as the Traxxas Revo/T-Maxx 2.5/3.3, HPI E-Savage, and Losi LST1. The Type-B adaptors are for the HPI Savage 2.5/4.6/X/XL which uses 8mm x M5-threaded axles with a reverse thread on one side.

For fitment with a wider selection of vehicles, optional adaptor sets are also available, sold separately :

Type A: (Included with #C23115 or #C23291 ONLY) 6mm x M5-threaded axles i.e. Traxxas Revo/T-Maxx 2.5/3.3, HPI E-Savage, and Losi LST1
Type B: (Included with #C23115 or #C23291 ONLY) 8mm x M5-threaded axles with a reverse thread on one side i.e. HPI Savage 2.5/4.6/X/XL
Type C: 5mm x M4 threaded axles i.e. Stampede, Slash; Blitz, 1/10-scale TC/drift, etc. Part #C23130
Type D: 4mm x M3 threaded axles i.e. Associated RC18B/T; Losi Mini-T, Mini LST, etc. Part# C23131
Type E: 3/16 x 5-40 front and 3/16 x 8-32 rear axles i.e. Associated SC10, B4, T4, etc. Part #C23132
Type F: 3/16 x 10-32 threaded axles i.e. Losi XXX/XXX-T, MF2, Losi 1/10 truck, etc. Part #C23215
Type G: 6mm x M4 threaded axles i.e. Associated TC5/TC5R, etc. Part # C23216
Type H: 3/16 x 8-32 threaded axles (all four wheels), Part# C23268
Type J: For all Traxxas 1/16 i.e. E-Revo VXL, Slash 4x4 VXL, Rally VXL, etc. Part# C23344

Item# C23291
Barcode: 91789008541

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Help, manual of instructions
April 18, 2017
Reviewer: jose luis from san fernando, cadiz Spain  
Hello, he(she) would need the manual of instructions, where I can obtain it?
Set up kit
June 04, 2015
Reviewer: Jeff from Yucca Valley, California United States  
This is a nice set up kit, I have the associated B44.3 and had to make two modifications to make this work, First i had to shave off the back of the front nuts that hold the equipment onto the axle. the front axles are shorter in the front and this allows enough room to grab several threads. With this done everything works except the toe ruler. Upon a suggestion from Integy I ended up using two 3/32 washers, one on each side. the washer goes on first then the measuring tool. This now will allow the tow ruler (the shortest one) to measure your toe. without the washers spacing the tool out the toe ruler is too long and you can not get a toe measurement. I would highly recommend this to everyone, You can get everything set up correctly. no more eye balling it, (it was way off)
May 31, 2014
Reviewer: oracle from Johnson City, Tennessee United States  
If you are just playing around with a RC car or truck, just keep playing. When you are a serious racer this setup station is a must. This setup station allows the vehicle to carry the batteries or fuel that would be the weight of race trim to the setup. You are able to dial in every toe, camber, caster with the actual vehicle weight, this is very useful. After a few runs you will be able to tell faster constant true alignment. Off road is great but you don't need all of what this item can go in depth with. On road is a must, your alignment is so close to perfect, that after a few runs you will notice some wear on the inside or outside of the tire. At this point it basically shows an tells what final tweaks to do. I use this on a XO-1 and on a on road E-Revo setup, after using the setup station, dialing it in, just rotate tires after each run. This will pay for it's self within a few set of tires you don't have to buy. My Xo-1 I use it the most because of loss of control at high speed an have to realign again. My on road E-Revo I haven't used it in a while, just always rotate the tires, an it is so precise all the tread will wear so even that it looks as if the tires were slicks. If you wan't to get dialed in, race faster, have the best handling, and save on tire wear, this INTEGY item is one of the most valuable tool you need to have, Save money and get extreme alignment with this INTEGY item, you will wish you would have purchased it sooner!