One-Of-A-Kind, Open Box, Scratch & Dent

What are "One-of-a-Kind, Scratch & Dent" items?
"One-Of-A-Kind, Scratch & Dent" listings may include items damaged in shipment, customer returns, one-of-a-kind items, or merchandise slightly used during research and development. Some items may be in brand new condition but have cosmetic packaging damage only, Some items may be used (with estimated age marked), and/or may not include everything in the regular retail package. All items are inspected and tested for functionality before being shipped. Any existing issues will be mentioned in the product description. The product photos for these items show the actual part being sold.

Please note that all "One-Of-A-Kind, Scratch & Dent" are sold as shown, as-is, without any warranty, and all sales are final. Quantities are limited; once the item listed in this section is out of stock or sold out, it is gone. No returns or exchanges for items in this section.

Replacement 2 Speed Unit for C25626 (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 17.W01


Turbo Matcher Competition Electronics (used)

Low Stock | 09.ZF31


Replacement Chassis for T3505SILVER

Low Stock | 19.X01


Replacement Parts for T8031GREEN (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.B13


Replacement Parts for T8129GREEN (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.ZW15


Replacement Wheels for C27030GOLD W/O Screws

Low Stock | 19.X02