One-of-a-Kind, Scratch & Dent

What are "One-of-a-Kind, Scratch & Dent" items?
"One-Of-A-Kind, Scratch & Dent" listings may include items damaged in shipment, customer returns, one-of-a-kind items, or merchandise slightly used during research and development. Some items may be in brand new condition but have cosmetic packaging damage only, may be used (with estimated age marked), and/or may not include everything in the regular retail package. Once the item listed in this section is out of stock or sold out, it is gone.

All "One-Of-A-Kind, Scratch & Dent" listings are sold as-is, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Quantities are limited; no returns or exchanges for items in this section.

If you have any questions regarding an item in this section, please go to our Get Help/Contact page to contact Tech Support using our Online Ticket System.

Replacement 2 Speed Unit for C25626 (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 17.W01


Turbo Matcher Competition Electronics (used)

Low Stock | 09.ZF31


Replacement Parts for T8031GREEN (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.B13


Replacement Parts for T8129GREEN (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.ZW15


Futaba S9452 Digital Servo (used)

Low Stock | 16.AA08


Replacement Parts for T8091SILVER

Low Stock | 18.N24


Replacement Parts for OTA-R31RS (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 18.ZF124


Replacement Parts for OTA-R31RS (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 18.ZF125


Yokomo BD8 Graphite Main Chassis YOKB8-002 (used)

Low Stock | 17.ZE05


Replacement Parts for T6718SILVER

Low Stock | 18.N29


Replacement Brake Caliper for BAJ178SILVER

Low Stock | 18.L20


Revtech 24KO 13.5T Sensored Brushless Motor (used)

Low Stock | 17.ZB08


Actinium 17.5T Sensored Brushless Motor (used)

Low Stock | 17.ZE30


Replacement Parts for C24706BLUE (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 18.ZF127


Replacement Parts for C27090SILVERGUN

Low Stock | 18.N22


Tool Set w/ Carrying Bag for RC (prototoype)

Low Stock | 18.AH24


Alloy Rear Hub Carrier for MP7.5

Low Stock | 16.AF77


Replacement Parts for C26440GUN (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.ZL13


INDI 16X3v6 Computerized Charger (used)

Low Stock | 09.ZS08


Futaba R203HF 3Ch 75MHz Micro Receiver (used)

Low Stock | 14.AF53


Replacement Part for C24816SILVER (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.ZC03


Replacement Parts for BAJ310 (new, as-is)

Low Stock | 16.AD22


Sony DSC-H1 Cyber-shot 5.1 MP Camera (used)

Low Stock | 15.ZJ07