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Limited Warranty Policy


1. What is your warranty policy?
Integy offers a 30-day LIMITED WARRANTY for the repair or replacement of Integy-brand products due to DEFECTS IN MATERIALS AND/OR WORKMANSHIP ONLY. This means products that are manufactured wrong such as missing threads, non-fitting tool tips, or parts that arrived to the customer that show damage are covered.

Please note that some items (shocks, gearboxes, axles, etc.) are assembled for packaging purposes only, and may require standard prep before installation, such as shimming for proper alignment, checking tightness of all components and fasteners, anti-seize or grease between any metal-to-metal contact, and liquid thread lock for all critical metal-to-metal fasteners. DO NOT JUST INSTALL THE ITEM AND ASSUME THAT IT IS SET CORRECTLY OUT OF THE PACKAGE. Check, adjust, and set/reset all new items when taken out of the package! Failure to do so is not a warranty-related incident.

2. How does the warranty process work?
Our limited warranty is a repair or exchange on a "send-first" basis; all warranty claims require the customer to send us the item(s) that the warranty is being claimed for. All items sent to us will be subject to a warranty inspection before any action is taken. We do not do "trade-ups", substitution for discount, or warranty returns for non-identical items. Our warranty exchange only applies to identical components.

3. Do I qualify for a warranty claim?
To qualify for a warranty claim, the item must have been purchased from the following places:

A. Our Web Store
B. The Integy store on
C. The Integy store on

4. What if I purchased an Integy product through a hobby shop/different seller?
Our warranty only applies to products purchased directly from the Integy web store, the Integy Amazon store, the Integy eBay store, or authorized resellers (who get their stock directly from us). If you did not purchase from an authorized reseller, we advise the buyer to contact the seller first for an exchange or refund.

All Integy products purchased from third party and/or unauthorized resellers are not covered under warranty, but are elligible for our Integy Replacement Plan; more information on our Replacement Plan can be found by clicking here.

5. How do I initiate a warranty claim?
Before you send anything, please go to our Get Help/Contact page to contact Tech Support using our Online Ticket System. For the fastest response, please include the following information in the ticket:

A. Your name (first and last)
B. Your complete shipping address (formatted correctly, please)
C. The part number of the item (Integy part#) you wish to exchange

D. Proof of purchase via Order ID number (16-digits) or Invoice number (6-digits)
E. Describe the warranty situation

Once our staff assesses the situation, they will instruct you on how to proceed and issue you a Return Material Authorization number ("RMA#") to use along with the product(s) being sent to us.

6. Can I just return an item under warranty for a refund?
Yes,if the part qualifies under the Limited Warranty policy, you can request a refund instead of an exchange/repair. Please see the Returns & Exchange page for more information.

7. Who pays for shipping for my warranty claim?
Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling costs associated with any warranty claims/warranty returns. Warranties are processed Monday-Friday usually within 3-5 business days of receipt. All warranties are subject for approval upon receipt. If an item sent is determined to be defective, we can provide shipping cost compensation by request, based on the cost it takes to ship the item to your location. Compensation will be in the form of an online coupon code only - no cash/credit compensation for shipping costs.

8. Will my warranty item be repaired or replaced?
Depending on the situation, some items (for example winches, chargers, dischargers, etc.) may be repaired instead of replaced under warranty at our discretion.

9. What if the item submitted for a warranty is out of stock?
If you are claiming a warranty for a part number that is out of stock, your warranty will be delayed until we receive a restock of that specific part number from the factory. You may alternatively request store credit in the form of an online coupon code (optional at our discretion) as a warranty solution. Web store coupon codes can only be used for web store orders only (they cannot be use for Replacement Plan sales.) No cash refunds. No cash returns for warranty items. Please note that there are no upgraded shipping options for any warranty merchandise.

10. What if the item submitted for a warranty is discontinued?
We cannot provide a warranty for a discontinued item, since there is no more product available for replacement. If the product was purchased directly from our web store, we may be able to provide a store credit in the form of an online coupon code, at our discretion.

11. Are pre-owned items covered under warranty?
Our warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the Integy product. All warranty claims will be verified through sales record.

12. What if I need a repair/replacement for a part that's not covered under the warranty?
Integy products that fall outside of the Limited Warranty policy are still elligible for repair/replacement:

A. NON-WARRANTY PRODUCT REPAIR: Repairs can be done provided we have replacement parts in stock, and any required parts for repair will be charged to the customer through Paypal request. To request repair service, , go to our Get Help/Contact page and contact Tech Support using our Online Ticket System.

B. NON-WARRANTY PRODUCT REPLACEMENT: If a replacement is desired, depending on the part you may be elligible for our Integy Replacement Plan; more information on our Replacement Plan can be found by clicking here.



13. What is not covered under warranty?
Our limited warranty does not apply to products that break when they are being used. There is a misconception that if something breaks when it is being used, that it is automatically "defective"; but the reality is that things happen - even during normal usage - that can cause a product failure; when a product fails it does not automatically mean that the product was defective. Other situations not covered under warranty include:

Our warranty only applies to products purchased from the Integy web store, the Integy Amazon store, the Integy eBay store, or authorized resellers. Products purchased from third party and/or unauthorized resellers are only elligible for our Integy Replacement Plan; more information on our Replacement Plan can be found by clicking here.

Products subject to "normal wear and tear" are not covered under warranty. This includes:

- Wheels, tires, snow tracks or wheelie bars already installed and used on the vehicle
- Drive train components such as gears, drive shafts, etc. already installed and used
- Tool tips broken while being used
- LiPo or NiMH batteries that have been connected to a charger

Time of operation during normal usage before a part fails does not automatically indicate a defect. Once an item is removed from the package and installed and used, it is no longer "brand new". After an item is used there is n oway to determine if damage was caused by usage or because there were defects in production for that part. A real world example of this is if you buy a brand new car from the dealer, drive off the dealer lot, and run over a nail and get a flat tire. Was the tire defective? No, because the cause of the failure was running over the nail during normal usage. If the tire was losing air before even being used on the road, that is a different story. This is the real world, nothing is perfect, and sometimes things happen, but we will do our best to offer a solution.

Any vehicle or product damage caused by error of assembly, installation, adjustment and/or lack of maintenance is not a defect; if you have any reservations about installing one of our products, please seek the aid of a professional or your local hobby shop. If you encounter a hardware-related issue, this may or may not be covered depending on the situation. Any hardware-related issue may require the customer to send the entire product to us for replacement/modification/repair.

Tool tips broken while being used are not covered under warranty unless the tool tip was defective out of the package i.e. tip not shaped correctly, wrong-size tip, or mis-formed tip. All of our hex-driven tool tips are designed to be used with NON-POWERED handles only! Many hex tool tips used in RC are sized and very small (i.e. 1/16", 1.5mm, 0.005") and are not meant to be torqued at a constant rate for an extended amount of time (like what a power driver would provide). Our tool tips are not designed to be used with electric drivers, powered drills, etc. and are not covered under warranty if used with a powered handle. However, broken tool and nut driver tips are eligible for replacement under our Integy Replacement Plan; please got to our Replacement Plan page for more info.

Products that have been used for any reason other than its original, intended purpose including products specified for one fitment but used for a different vehicle are not covered under warranty. Likewise, products that may have a production issue or defect but are "remedied" or modified by the purchaser in an attempt to install the product is not covered under warranty - if you encounter a problem with a part out of the package, let us know right away. If you continue to attempt to install, modify or make repairs to a damaged product yourself then you acknowledge that you are accepting the product as-is.

Any product that has been installed, permanently altered, modified, or have had material removed is no longer are covered under warranty.

14. What if an Integy part is incompatible with my non-stock aftermarket part?
Integy-branded items are designed and tested to be compatible with the vehicle's OEM parts but may not be compatible with other branded aftermarket parts. We do not guarantee compatibility with vehicles using third-party branded products, nor are our parts covered under warranty if they are not compatible with other aftermarket parts.

15. How do I get warranty service for a 3rd-party branded product?
Warranty claims for third party branded products (3Racing, G.T. Power, FlySky, Hobbywing, SPECS, SkyRC, Toro, etc.) should be brought to the attention of the third party manufacturer directly. We are not responsible for warranty claims for third-party brands sold in our web store. If you need contact information for third-party products, please contact us for more information.

16. What is the warranty policy for batteries?
If a battery does not take a charge out of the package, it may be covered under warranty - but any battery that successfully takes a charge upon first usage is considered good; we cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise due to how a customer charges, uses, stores, maintains any battery pack sold by us.

17. What if an Integy part is a different shade of color compared to other Integy parts?
We carry thousands of anodized alloy parts, and for the most part the colors specified (i.e. "red", "gunmetal", etc.) match or are very close to each other in terms of color shade, but the reality of anodizing is that it is almost impossible to match every production run exactly as the last. The anodizing process does not allow for the exact matching of a color since most of the colors are produced based on the length of time the material is set into the anodizing bath. Chemicals influence the difference between "clear anodized" and "black" - and the color shade is based on the length of time the item is left to setup in the chemical tank. This process can thus produce many "shades" along the same rainbow of the basic color. Variations in color shade can be attributed, but not limited to the following factors:

The exact aluminum alloy content of the part being anodized may cause some variations in color. Some aluminum parts are made of a different alloy depending on what their particular use might be.

The current ambient conditions (temperature, humidity) of the anodizing facility the day that the part is anodized can cause variations in color.

Our parts are manufactured at more than just one factory; the procedure that each factory uses to anodize parts can vary, thus causing variations in color. Also - even if a part number is produced in the same factory, the difference between anodizing those parts today and anodizing a new batch in 2 months can cause variations in color.

Because of the above, we cannot guarantee 100% that all anodized colors of a particular shade will match 100%. We color-correct our website photos as best as we can to accurately reflect the actual shade of the parts that were photographed. Variances in color are not covered by warranty, but are still eligible for our standard Return Policy, if qualified (please go to our Return/Exchange Policy page for more info.

18. What if there is outside damage due to a defective Integy product?
Integy will not be liable for special, indirect or consequential damages, losee of profits or production or commercial loss in any way connected with the product. Further, in no event shall the liability of Integy exceed the individual price of the product on which liability is asserted. As Integy has no control over use, setup, final assembly, modification or misuse, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any resulting damage or injury. By act of use, setup, or assembly the user accepts all resulting liability.

If you as the purchaser or user are not prepared to accept the liability associated with the use of this product, you are advised to return this product immediately in new and unused condition to the place of purchase.