Billet Machined Motor Mount Block for 1/10 Stampede 4X4 & Slash 4X4 (Non-LCG) T8598RED

Billet Machined Motor Mount Block for 1/10 Stampede 4X4 & Slash 4X4 (Non-LCG) T8598RED

Item# T8598RED
Barcode: 91789023502

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Customer product reviews

4.5 rating based on 2 reviews

Takes a pounding

4.5 rating

I have this on my stampede. I up graded the motor to a 1/8/scale monster. The sturdy construction handles the strain with out any problem.

As good as they look

4.5 rating

I have the red one on my slash. It;s very durable and works great.

Item# T8598RED
Barcode: 91789023502

Cross Reference List - Compatible with the following RC cars and parts
Brand Traxxas | Part Number 67086 Brand Traxxas | Part Number 67054 Brand Traxxas | Part Number 6808 Brand Traxxas | Part Number 6860A Brand Traxxas | Part Number 6860R

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