Billet Machined Rear Lower Suspension Linkages for Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer C26125BLACK

Billet Machined Rear Lower Suspension Linkages for Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer C26125BLACK

Item# C26125BLACK
Barcode: 91789022381

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Can't beat the deal for the $$!

5.0 rating

I have an Axial RR-10 Bomber. These lower links bolted right in and stopped the constant breaking of the weak plastic rod ends that come in the kit. I have not been easy on these links and they just take the punishment and ask for more. And when I mean I haven't been easy, the Bomber is powered by a 1/8 scale 2200kV motor and a 3s LiPo battery. I have had the tires bound in some serious rocks and the links have never failed. If I was building another kit, or fixing a ready to run, I would be buying these links for my kit, hands down.

Item# C26125BLACK
Barcode: 91789022381

Cross Reference List - Compatible with the following RC cars and parts
Brand Axial | Part Number AX90025 Brand Axial | Part Number AX90026 Brand Axial | Part Number AX31109

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