Originally $51-to-$75.99

Take advantage of our limited-time Inventory Reduction sales, and you can load up on new parts, new gear, and new accessories for your RC vehicle and your pit area. The items in this category are either NOS (new old stock), discontinued items, or simply overstock of current items that we need to reduce inventory for. All items listed are first-come first-serve, and many are limited stock, so once we run out, they’re gone forever! Everything listed in this category is between $51-75.99!

INDI 16X405D2 AC/DC Computerized Charger

Low Stock | E2034


Titanium Front Bumper for HPI Baja 5T

Low Stock | T6795SILVER


14A Power Supply 12V14A, 18A Max

In Stock | SPS14A


SSG Graphite Main Chassis for Sakura D3

Low Stock | SAK-D306/SG


Front Skid Plate for HPI Baja 5T

Low Stock | T6882GREY


Replacement Part for BAJ182

Low Stock | C27697


Type A Chrome Tune Pipe Exhaust for Baja 5T

Low Stock | BAJ212


B6 Pro Balance Charger & Discharger

In Stock | C22535