One-of-a-Kind, Scratch & Dent

What are "One-of-a-Kind, Scratch & Dent" items?
"One-Of-A-Kind, Scratch & Dent" listings may include items damaged in shipment, customer returns, one-of-a-kind items, or merchandise slightly used during research and development. Some items may be in brand new condition but have cosmetic packaging damage only, may be used (with estimated age marked), and/or may not include everything in the regular retail package. Once the item listed in this section is out of stock or sold out, it is gone.

All "One-Of-A-Kind, Scratch & Dent" listings are sold as-is, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Quantities are limited; no returns or exchanges for items in this section.

If you have any questions regarding an item in this section, please go to our Get Help/Contact page to contact Tech Support using our Online Ticket System.


Spring Steel Hex Tip for 3/32 Wrench (L=100mm) (O.D.=3mm)

In Stock - C22393



Spring Steel Hex Tip for 2.5mm Wrench (L=100mm) (O.D.=3mm)

In Stock - C22395


260g Motor Spring Left Hand

In Stock - 11.ZF14



370g Motor Spring

In Stock - 11.ZF13



400g Motor Spring

In Stock - 11.ZF05



450g Motor Spring

In Stock - 11.ZF12


180g Motor Spring

In Stock - 11.ZF03


290g Motor Spring

In Stock - 11.ZF08



160g Motor Spring

In Stock - 11.ZF02



Spring Steel Hex Tip for 3mm Wrench (L=100mm) (O.D.=3.5mm)

In Stock - C22396


Small Compartment Box Clear 65x50x15mm

In Stock - 20.ZH16



GT3B 3CH 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter (OEM Version)

In Stock - 20.ZF141


Triad Magnetics FD8-120 Isolation Transformer

Low Stock - 20.ZF176


Replacement Wheel for C24455BLUE

Low Stock - 20.N04



V10 Hand Wound Armature 60S

Low Stock - 11.ZA.V10ARM6001



Pro Contour Profile 24R Non Belted 1/10th Touring Car Tire (2)

In Stock - 11.ZF18



Replacement Body Reamer Tip 5mm Shaft Size

In Stock - 20.ZH13


Replacement Shaft for C24064

Low Stock - 21.J34



Integy Custom Built 1/7 Arrma Felony 6S BLX Fully Upgraded

Low Stock - 23.ZF202


Integy Custom Built Traxxas TRX-4 Fully Upgraded

Low Stock - 23.ZF193


Integy Custom Built Arrma 1/8 Kraton 6S V5 BLX Fully Upgraded

Low Stock - 23.ZF194


Integy Custom Built 1/10 Traxxas Drag Slash Fully Upgraded

Low Stock - 23.ZF203


SMA Sunny WebBox WEB ENABLED DATA LOGGER With Sunny Portal

Low Stock - 23.ZF185


Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller 16-Zones 1st Generation

Low Stock - 23.ZF184


Metal RC Model Trailer for 1/10 Scale (used)

Low Stock - 23.ZF198


Original Traxxas Shock Set for 1/10 Maxx V2 (new, take-off)

Low Stock - 23.AM03


Tamiya Painted Petronas Tom's RC F Touring Car Body

Low Stock - 23.ZF191



Mallory Electrolytic Capacitor CGS153U100X4C 15000UF 100V

In Stock - 20.ZF177



Replacement Shock for C31329BLUE

In Stock - 22.AJ01


12 Spoke Wheel Set (4) for Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer (used)

Low Stock - 23.ZD21



Actinium 13.5T Sensored Brushless Motor (used)

Low Stock - 17.ZB09



Rear Alloy Bumper for Traxxas TRX-4 w/ 43mm Mount (minor scratches)

Low Stock - 22.S29


K-Swiss Court Casper Size 12 US Vapor Blue / Black 05586-479-M

Low Stock - 23.ZF189


Billet Machined Tweak Board for Touring Car (used)

Low Stock - 23.ZT19


Replacement Bumper for C32442ORANGE

Low Stock - 23.ZP25


Original Traxxas TRX-4 90mm Shocks (new, take-off)

Low Stock - 23.AF01



Precision Pro Camber Gauge for 1/10 Touring Car & Drift Car

Low Stock - 21.T10


Hario Ceramic Canister Coffee Grinder Wood

Low Stock - 23.ZF183



Replacement Arm for C26837SILVER

Low Stock - 20.ZH07


Replacement Arm for C26837GREEN

Low Stock - 23.AH25


Replacement Side Plate for C31618RED

Low Stock - 23.AH30



Replacement Parts for C26440SILVER (new, as-is)

Low Stock - 18.ZY08


Replacement Plates for C31628BLACK

Low Stock - 23.ZP41



Metal Display Ramp 375x100x75mm for 1/10 Scale Off-Road (minor scratches)

In Stock - 22.ZF178BLUE



Metal Display Ramp 375x100x75mm for 1/10 Scale Off-Road (minor scratches)

In Stock - 22.ZF178SILVER



Metal Display Ramp 375x100x75mm for 1/10 Scale Off-Road (minor scratches)

Low Stock - 22.ZF178RED



Replacement Part for C28007BLUE

Low Stock - 20.ZH21


Yokomo SD-640T HD Front One-Way Assembly for MR-4TC SD (used)

Low Stock - 23.ZT70


Wheelie Bar Set for Traxxas 1/10 E-Revo 2.0 (used)

Low Stock - 23.AK03


Replacement Alloy Off-Road 2.2 Size Wheel for C28921

Low Stock - 23.AK06