Integy Replacement Plan


1. What is the Integy Replacement Plan?
Broken, worn down products, missing components, and anything else that is not eligible for a warranty can be replaced for a discounted price (from MSRP) under the Integy Replacement Plan. The replacement plan applies to all Integy-branded products only. Spare parts (lost components, etc.) may also be available (subject to stock availability). Certain items purchased from 3rd-party sellers may also be eligible for our Replacement Plan, at our discretion.

2. How do I request a replacement?
To request a replacement product under our Replacement Plan, please go to our Get Help/Contact page to contact Tech Support using our <Online Ticket System. For the fastest response, please include the following information in the ticket:

A. Your name (first and last)
B. Your complete shipping address (formatted correctly, please)
C. The part number of the item (Integy part#) you are replacing (or description)
D. Proof of purchase via Order ID number (16-digits) or Invoice number (6-digits)
E. A short explanation of the situation
F. Your valid PAYPAL email address (the email address you use to log into PayPal)

3. What happens after I submit my Replacement Plan information?
If we do not have any questions regarding the replacement, we will reply with a price quote and a PayPal request to the address you gave us. Once payment is made and confirmed, we will ship the replacement part(s) out to you.

4. Is PayPal the only way to pay for a Replacement Plan item?
Please note that the only available method for payment is through PayPal request. We cannot do credit card transactions for the Replacement Plan. Once a Replacement Plan ticket has been initiated, we will only hold a replacement product for 48 hours after the PayPal request is sent; non-responses to PayPal requests 48 hours after the request was sent will cancel the parts reservation, and you will have to submit a new Replacement Plan ticket.

5. What if the item I need under the Replacement Plan is out of stock?
If an item you are requesting under the Replacement Plan is out of stock, the replacement process will  have to be delayed until we receive a restock of that specific part number from the factory. You may alternatively request a compatible part number and/or store credit in the form of an online coupon code (optional at our discretion) as a solution. Web store coupon codes can only be used for web store orders only. No cash substitutions for Replacement Plan items. Please note that there are no upgraded shipping options for any Replacement Plan merchandise.

6. What if I need a replacement for an older version or discontinued item?
Older items (updated, discontinued) may be replaced with slightly different versions of the same item while retaining the same part number; this occurs if the part has had a running change in production, is no longer available, or has been updated. In this case we reserve the right to exchange the old part with our most current version of that part number. In some cases the part might look slightly different or have cosmetic differences (color shade or surface texture), but mechanically the part will still function identical (if not improved) to the original item. In situations like this we will inform the customer beforehand. Please note that there is no upgraded shipping options for any replacement plan merchandise.

7. Can I use a discount code to pay for a Replacement Plan item?
Sorry, but discount codes and/or credit coupon codes cannot be used for Replacement Plan sales, discount codes / credits can only be used when ordering from the website.

8. Are there any exceptions for the Replacement Plan?
We reserve the right to allow or deny Replacement Plan requests for parts not purchased directly from Integy or our authorized dealers. The Replacement Plan applies to Integy parts and accessories only; we do not offer a Replacement Plan for 3rd-party branded products. Any replacement parts requests for third party branded products (3Racing, G.T. Power, FlySky, Hobbywing, SPECS, Street Jam, SkyRC, Toro, etc.) should be brought to the attention of the third party manufacturer directly. We do not carry complete inventory of certain parts from these third-party brands sold in our web store. If you need contact information for third-party products, please contact us for more information.



9. Regarding Bicycle-Specific Products (part #B1xxxx)
All cycling product info and sizing are based on manufacturer-published specifications. Cycling products are sold as-is and are not covered under Integy warranty or Replacement Plan policies, and are sold with the understanding that the buyer is responsible for the installation, adjustment, and usage of any cycling products purchased from Integy. No tech support (other than item specifications) is available for cycling products.

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