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- Instructions for some of our products can be found on this page.
- Ordering and Shipping Methods can be found on this page.
- Order Tracking information and links can be found on this page.
- Warranty, Returns, and the Integy Replacement Plan can be found on this page.

Online Ticket System
NOTE: For ALL orders, please use the Amazon/eBay messaging system. Links to the messaging systems can be found here.

If you need help regarding your order or the shipment of your order (, non-eBay - see above note), please use our online ticket system below to submit any general questions regarding our products, or to initiate a warranty, refund, or Integy Replacement Plan. The system will generate a ticket number and one of our staff will respond to your inquiry. Please include all available information in your ticket; invoice numbers and part numbers help expedite the ticket. Photos are optional but also give our staff and tech support personnel a better understanding of your situation right away. Sorry, we do not have phone tech support available.

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