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Billet Machined XLS Piggyback Shock Set (4) for 1/10 Slash 4X4 (6808)(L=87/98mm) T8537BLUE

Billet Machined XLS Piggyback Shock Set (4) for 1/10 Slash 4X4 (6808)(L=87/98mm)


Add some flashy looks to your ride and upgrade performance and durability at the same time with our alloy or carbon fiber upgrades. Most of our alloy or graphite hopup parts are precision machined, and the aluminum alloy parts are available with an anodized finish in multiple colors to help match your color scheme.

NOTE: Some parts include new hardware where applicable, but some parts are designed to use your original hardware and fasteners. Shimming may be required for perfect alignment and fitment. Some parts may require some permanent modification to the vehicle for fitment. Some parts may eliminate certain OEM features. Instructions for installation are not included; if you do not know how to install the part, please ask your local dealer for assistance. Before installation, please check metal-to-metal fasteners for tightness, and use liquid threadlock when required, as some components are assembled for packaging purposes only.

Item# T8537BLUE
Barcode: 91789008090

Cross Reference List - Compatible with the following RC cars and parts

Brand Traxxas | Part Number 6808

Out of Stock Until Est. July 2018

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If they only worked as cool as they look
January 20, 2015
Reviewer: Joshua Hernandez from Carlsbad, California United States  
Thus far, i like these shocks. i've not experienced any leaking, and they look really cool on my Slash 4x4. the reason these aren't 4's or 5's in my book is because the shocks come dry, there are no directions and the springs are too soft. I didn't realize that shocks came dry, meaning, i had to go the hobby shop to buy oil. Because these products do not ship with directions, you have to pay attention to the size/length of the old shock to know whether they are front or rear, left or right. Simple directions could have helped me out and saved drive time to the hobby shop, and installation time by walking me through the process of selecting oil weight, and understanding how to purge the shocks. Secondly, the red springs were partly the reason i selected these shocks. the problem is that the red springs are too soft. if you tighten the spacer, the suspension extends and the truck becomes high centered or the front of truck sits too high. I'm currently using the black springs which are a little harder to compress. The ride height is perfect but the front end seems a little to bouncy. I'll have to continue to adjust until i get the front end dialed in. I wish i could buy the black colored springs (whatever the size or tension) in the color red but i couldn't find it on this website.