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Instruction Manuals and Product Guides

Use the links listed after the product names below to download the related files. You need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view these files (a download link is at the bottom of this page.)

Product Usage Guides
LiPo Battery Safety Tips guide
General Instructions for Filling Piggyback Shocks (XSR, MSR, etc.) guide
Using a Setup Station guide
C22305 Setup Station user guide
C23861 SPECS Precision Alignment Setup Station manual
C24846 Drift Tire Installation Tool manual
T3845 MSR4 Shock w/Piggyback assembly instructions
T3849HR High Performance Silicone O-Ring Upgrade manual
T7014 MSR4 Shock w/Piggyback instructions

Brushed Motor Dynos
E2009 Integy INDI Dyno manual
E2028 Integy INDI Dyno v2 manual

Charger Instructions and Quick-Start Guides
Integy 16X manual
Integy 16X-Pro manual
Integy 16X2 manual
Integy 16X2-Pro manual
Integy 16X3-v2.5 manual / quick-start guide
Integy 16X3 Pro v2.5 manual / quick start guide
Integy 16X3 v6 manual / quick-start guide
Integy 16x4-Pro manual
Integy 16X5 manual
Integy 16X5 v6 manual / quick-start guide
Integy 16X7-Pro manual
Integy 16X8 v6 manual
Integy 16X9 manual
Integy 16X9 v6 manual
1485 SP Discharger manual

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)
Oracle ESC manual

Motor Related Devices
MOD Fashion Motor Lathe manual
C22337 Xipp Team Brush Master manual
C22340 Integy Team Auto-Super Lathe w/Carbide V-Block manual
C22312 Xipp Brush Serrator manual
50010 Xipp Precision Dual Function Spring Dyno manual
X-Mod Perfect Lathe manual
X-Mod Super Lathe manual

NiMH Battery Zappers / Boosters
Torpedo Battery Boosting System manual / quick start
Xipp DCX3000 manual
Xipp DCX3300 manual
Xipp Super Zapper 3000 manual

Setup Stations and Tools
C22330 Integy Team Digital Weight Distribution System manual / blank setup sheet
C22309 Integy Laser Tweak Board user guide
Laser Bubble Upgrade instructions

C22339 Integy Team Auto-TrueCut Tire Truing Machine manual
1484 Integy Thermo Sensor manual
528 Eagle Racing Power Supply input voltage setting guide


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the .pdf files: