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INDI 16X512 DC Charger w/ 3-Step + Thermo E2037

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INDI 16X512 DC Charger w/ 3-Step + Thermo

We have taken racing electronics to a whole new level, the all new 16X512 high performance DC charger is capable of charging Li-Po, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries at up to 12.0A, break-in motor and test motor at up to 9.0V. This unit accepts 11-15VDC input. It has computer controlled cooling fan, built-in thermo sensor, reverse polar protection, overload protection and overheat protection. The included thermo sensor is very accurate and responsive, user can specify cutoff temperature and voltage are continuously monitored. Your expensive racing batteries are now protected against overcharging-overheating. Our 3-phase charging will increase overall battery runtime and improve total battery lifespan by reducing internal temperature and pressure. After months of research and development, we are proud to bring you the most versatile DC computerized charger available. The features are simply amazing and unmatched by competing products, at any price! The built-in DYNOv2 reads output voltage, current, motor rpm and commutator interference. The system use a magnetic coupler and hall effect sensor to detect motor rpm. INDI Motor Dyno works with almost any race motor from 7 to 27 turns; stock motors, modified motors, and also drive slave motors. It has internal overload protection. Up to 12 run memory test data recall. It is the smallest and easiest to operate system for R/C car racing. Adjustable linear output is adjustable between 0 to 9VDC, the unit can also break-in motor and drive lathe motor, repeatable break-in with variable dual speed, adjustable run timer, cool down timer, up to 99 cycles, 1 years limited warranty - Item# E2037Barcode: 91789003654

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No customer reviews, be the first to review this product Post Your Review